Rökkva was formed in 2015  in Selfoss, Iceland.

We recorded our first album in Studio Sýrland and our first single I want you to know is now out.

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Rökkva’s bio

Years ago, there were three people trying to write some music, each on their own. They didn‘t know each other at that time but they all shared the common idea that they were supposed to be musicians and music writers. They all had a vision of how their music should sound and what it should represent but just never quite got there. They all tried a few times in different scenarios playing their music and so two of them released some albums in different styles from pop/indie to rock and even heavy metal influenced by their partners in music. At that time two of them had already met and gotten married. They were already becoming accomplished musicians playing for a few different bands over the years as well as being a couple’s duet. The third person in the story however was playing cover music at that time and his own music never saw the light of day until one day….

… in the small town of Selfoss, the Selfoss theater company to be exact, they met. They found that they had something in common, a vision, great ideas and great music. They of course had a few not so good tries at first but fortunately that‘s how good things happen. A few other members were then brought in to fulfill their vision and to complete the sound of Rökkva. In 2015 they band was eventually fully formed so they walked with their ideas, visions and music into the best studio in Iceland to record their first album. They also got some unexpected help from Ireland which carried their music to a higher level and from that moment Rökkva has had an unbreakable bond with Ireland.

In 2017 Rökkva signed with a label in Switzerland called Ambulance Recordings and in the fall of 2017 Rökkva released it‘s first single called I want you to know in Europe. The music inspired by forces of nature, powerful landscapes and of course the most important ingredient, the forces of emotions. The songs are meaningful and colorful and are meant to reach peoples hearts and touch their souls. The songs are about common things that most people experience in a lifetime, so everyone should be able to tap into the music.

In the summer of 2016 Rökkva decided to make a music video but… not just any regular music video template was chosen for this project. Since the members of Rökkva all had backgrounds in theater they decided to make a music video movie and include the whole album in this one long music video that portrays the story of a young boy in a wheelchair looking for strange creatures around Iceland. On his journey he comes across not only strange creatures but also known characters in Icelandic society such as the president of Iceland and many more known musicians and actors which help him along his journey. Rökkva has played many concerts and has always touched the people who come to see the shows. Some
people experience deep emotions and that is what the music of Rökkva is all about.

Members of Rökkva are:
– Viktor Ingi Jónsson – Vocals & acoustic guitar
– Guðný Lára Gunnarsdóttir Vocals
– Stefán Örn Viðarsson Keyboards & vocals
– Guðmundur Pálsson – Violin
– Jón Anton Stefánsson – Bass & guitar
– Guðmundur Bjarnason – Drums
– Austin McManus – Violin & strings

Contact us at rokkvamusic@gmail.com