The band was formed in 2015  in Selfoss, Iceland.

We recorded our first album in Studio Sýrland in the fall of 2015 and it is now released!

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Meet our members:

  •  Guðný Lára Gunnarsdóttir
    • Singer, Songwriter
  •  Stefán Örn Viðarsson
    • Singer, songwriter, keyboards
  • Viktor Ingi Jónsson
    • Singer, songwriter, Guitar
  •  Guðmundur “Túni” Bjarnason
    • Drums
  • Guðmundur Pálsson
    • Violins
  • Gunnar Geir Waage Stefánsson
    • Bass
  • Jón Anton Stefánsson
    • Guitar and more

Contact us at rokkvamusic@gmail.com